• Our Story

○ When the World Health Organization (WHO)’s 2017 report stated that 37% of the world’s healthcare expenditure was consumed by the USA which has only 4% of the world’s population, we were left in shock. We were also deeply curious as to what could cause such a large disparity in such a vital human need like healthcare?

○ We could just not get past such a fact. ‘It’ had us, as though a huge rock had been placed at the center of our minds.

○ The more we thought about it, the more we tried to make sense of it, the more we discussed it, the more questions kept pouring in. Valid questions, Ex: countries like Africa, India, and other parts of Asia that did not have countrywide plumbing networks, drainage, and sewer systems and had a shortage to clean drinking water were the countries that had widespread diseases and need for healthcare. Countries like the USA should not be having the same level of issues. This meant that the need for healthcare in the USA should be lower, not higher, definitely nowhere close to gobbling 37% of the world’s resources. These were important questions that needed answers. We needed answers. To us, this is a crisis that did not make the world’s headline every day.

○ We are proud of our team. This is a team that built and implemented large, end to end healthcare solutions for over 200 hospitals and health systems across many countries. We did that successfully and repeatedly with private and government organizations. We knew healthcare and we knew technology. We knew that our team can take a swing at the US Healthcare crisis. We were also ready to swing a few times and miss if we had to if it helped us learn, learn fast, and come back stronger. The cause prize on the other end was too big to stop swinging.

○ A swing and hit would mean millions of dollars that could be saved and re-allocated across more needy people. It meant that If we kept hitting every time we took a swing, we would have saved lives, improved quality of life, and made a huge meaningful impact on this world

○ The problem was not too far out of reach to our team but we knew that we had to re-group, re-organize, and re-structure ourselves. We had to bring in new talent, domain experts, thought leaders from all parts of the healthcare industry, and partner with organizations that had a powerful strategic presence. With all of the right minds and tools, we knew we could help if we got involved. We are 100% certain that by using technology we can remove enough waste from the USA healthcare industry that would positively impact the world. Not acting on this information was just not acceptable by our standards, it was too big to turn a blind eye to, and too much to allow nature to take its course. We just could not shake the monkey off our back. There was no escape. We were drawn into the USA Healthcare industry. And so far, we have come to love and enjoy every day at work.

○ Our approach is simple:

Measure, Learn, Document, Train, Implement (the most optimum technology) that will burn waste and deliver the desired outcome.