We have studied hundreds of healthcare organization’s revenue cycle performance data. Truth be told, the need for process overhaul is not present every time. There are well run practices who only need minor management adjustments and direction to make the next leap. Sometimes there are process knots tied unknowingly as a result of management attrition that need to be undone. These are organizations that need a bit of guidance temporarily and they will be on their merry way. Which is why we started Aurora Consulting.

Aurora Consulting is a professional service available to Hospitals and practices that have invested heavily into an existing program where walking away from it is not financially feasible. Small practices that are not ready to afford new programs. There are also times where a patient has to lose some weight before they can be taken in for surgery to eliminate complications.

Aurora Consulting is most of the time our primary stage of engagement. We start by studying a healthcare provider’s processes and KPIs over a period of time and recommend changes and best practices where required and continue to monitor outcomes. Clients who are able to implement and sustain these changes will reach their potential and will be gradually transitioned off of the program. In rare cases where the implementation is a challenge (mostly due to lack of specialty experienced staff), they stay on the program longer or we help by engaging at a deeper level by offloading some of the work to ourselves and freeing up the client’s time to improve patient care and experience.