AuroraIntel™ is the world’s first artificial intelligence enabled business intelligence assistant specific to the US Healthcare Revenue Cycle industry. The system uses machine learning to study a healthcare provider’s revenue data and act as a compass for the user to navigate the complex world of RCM performance indicators. The product was designed specifically for business owners, CEOs and CFOs of large healthcare organizations who’s time is precious and limited. These busy executives do not have time for information, they have only time for information that matters at that time, in its absolute specificity, making the next step or decision – obvious .

The typical healthcare organization would have one or more full time business intelligence analysts querying data every day and converting them into several pivot tables so that it can gobble the principle executive’s and his team’s remaining hours after Friday lunch.

We dreamt of a different world. A world where the ‘data spoke’ (yes, we said ‘data spoke’) to the executives only when their attention was needed. A world where the ’causes and effects’ of the RCM world were all identified and defined and by defining them, give meaning to a data trend, give meaning to a KPI and SLA. This is exactly what we accomplished through AuroraIntel.