Organizations are the result of aspiring goals or visions. In order to attain that goal/vision people come together. Goals can only be achieved by breaking them down to small actionable tasks. Tasks that need to happen in a certain order at due intervals by people. When all the tasks get accomplished on time and accurately, the organization gets closer to its goal. When this happens repeatedly over a period of time the organization will attain its goal. But this is also known as the perfect world scenario which does not exist. No organization is without problems, no organization has unlimited resources. Considering time, cost and completeness, no organization hits all of its goals as accurately as planned. This is the norm. This is business.

AuroraMatrix™ is a multi-dimension Responsibility Assignment and Management tool. It helps organizations attain its goals by converting them into smaller actionable tasks and assign those tasks to be completed by the right person in the organization at the right time. We think of AuroraMatrix as a magic wand that our clients can use to convert their organization into a fine tuned engine that hums.