Named after the Latin mythical goddess of dawn - Aurora, AuroraRCM is an Artificial Intelligence enabled, Financial Technology company that is redefining how healthcare revenue is generated.


Measure, Learn, Document, Train, Implement (the most optimum solution) that will burn waste and deliver the desired outcome.



2017 WHO report revealed that 37% of the world’s healthcare expenditure was consumed by the US. But we had only 4% of the world’s population. A disparity of such magnitude, on an essential need like healthcare was a crisis that did not make the headlines every day


Shortage of clean drinking water and lack of infrastructure are dominant causes of disease outbreaks. But these were problems for Africa and parts of Asia, not us. We had made these factors harmless in our country a long time ago but, the global economics of healthcare does not concur


Annual healthcare expenditure in our country is in the trillions of dollars, > $100B of which is consumed in the process of exchanging bills for payments between a provider and payer (an important subset of the healthcare industry also known as : Revenue Cycle Management (RCM))


RCM is the use of people, processes, and systems to generate revenue for healthcare providers for services rendered


A closer examination at the intricacies of this exchange will illuminate the startling prevalence of outdated technologies and intense manual labor. Another problem our country made harmless a long time ago in many sectors but not in healthcare


At AuroraRCM, we bring the best of American engineering and innovation to healthcare by introducing First in Class – Revenue Cycle Technologies that deliver superior results consistently at an amazing efficiency


We expand the reach of healthcare by saving healthcare resources from wasteful activities

And the journey continues...

We are a unique mix of industry veterans, domain experts, software engineers, data scientists, project management professionals, certified coding & compliance offers and organizational psychologists. When we get behind a client, they thrive!

We believe that it is not only the type of talent that joins the team that makes the difference but also how they are nurtured and groomed. All our staff go through two hours of training and development every week.

About Us
About Us

We take a scientific and consultative approach towards knowledge accumulation and distribution which makes us unique in how we are able to serve every client of ours as if they were our only client. Learning from one corner of the company is captured, organized, and made available to everyone in the organization

Join us and be a part of something revolutionary!

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We take a no-compromise approach to generate revenue. We Measure, Learn, Document, Train, and Implement solutions that improve business outcomes. We stay true to our vision by sharing our economies of scale with our clients and by this we build strategic, win-win partnerships. for life.