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Aurora Intel is the world’s first artificial intelligence enabled business intelligence assistant specific to the US Healthcare Revenue Cycle industry. The system uses machine learning to study a healthcare provider’s revenue data and acts as a compass for the user to navigate the complex world of RCM performance indicators. The product was designed specifically for business owners, CEOs and CFOs of large healthcare organizations who’s time is in demand. These busy executives do not have time for information, they have only time for information that matters at that time, in its absolute specificity, making the decisions – visible.

The typical healthcare organization would have one or more full time business intelligence analysts querying data every day and converting them into several pivot tables so that it can gobble the principle executive’s and his team’s remaining hours after Friday lunch.

We dreamed of a different world. A world where the ‘data spoke’ (yes, we said ‘data spoke’) to the executives only when their attention was needed. A world where the ’causes and effects’ of the RCM world were identified and defined, and by defining them, give meaning to a trend, and to a KPI. This is exactly what we accomplished through Aurora-Intel.

Starting from as low as $ 299/month per provider

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Organizations are the result of aspiring goals or visions. In order to attain that goal/vision people come together. Goals can only be achieved by breaking them down to small actionable tasks. Tasks that need to happen in a certain order at due intervals by people. When all the tasks get accomplished on time and accurately, the organization gets closer to its goal. When this happens repeatedly over a period of time the organization will attain its goal. But this is also known as the perfect world scenario which does not exist. No organization is without problems, no organization has unlimited resources. Considering time, cost and completeness, no organization hits all of its goals as accurately as planned. This is the norm. This is business.

Aurora Matrix is a multi-dimension Responsibility Assignment and Management tool. It helps organizations attain its goals by converting them into smaller actionable tasks and assign those tasks to be completed by the right person in the organization at the right time. We think of Aurora Matrix as a magic wand that our clients use to convert their organization into a fine tuned engine that hums.

Aurora Services

In a world where computers are interpreting radiology reports more accurately than Radiologists, in a world where humans are attempting to colonize another planet, the RCM industry still suffers from manual repetitive labour, superbills, paper claims, paper remittances, claim denials, appeals and much more redundant work. When we set out to start AuroraRCM we set out to destroy waste and reduce healthcare costs. There was no opportunity bigger to attain that goal, than by introducing AuroraAlign™ to the world of RCM.

AuroraAlign™ is the world’s first intelligent, compliant, integrated ‘end to end’ Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management platform that uses Machine Learning and Deep Domain Knowledge to increase revenue and reduce payment cycles.

Aurora Services

We have studied hundreds of healthcare organization’s revenue cycle performance data. Truth be told, the need for process overhaul is not present every time. There are well run practices who only need minor management adjustments and direction to make the next leap. Sometimes there are process knots tied unknowingly as a result of management attrition that need to be undone. These are organizations that need a bit of guidance temporarily and they will be on their merry way. Which is why we started Aurora Consulting.

Aurora Consulting is a professional service available to Hospitals and practices that have invested heavily into an existing program where walking away from it is not financially feasible. Small practices that are not ready to afford new programs. There are also times where a patient has to lose some weight before they can be taken in for surgery to eliminate complications.

Aurora Consulting is most of the time our primary stage of engagement. We start by studying a healthcare provider’s processes and KPIs over a period of time and recommend changes and best practices where required and continue to monitor outcomes. Clients who are able to implement and sustain these changes will reach their potential and will be gradually transitioned off of the program. In rare cases where the implementation is a challenge (mostly due to lack of specialty experienced staff), they stay on the program longer or we help by engaging at a deeper level by offloading some of the work to ourselves and freeing up the client’s time to improve patient care and experience.

Aruro Intel

Aurora Thrust is our flagship concierge service option to healthcare providers who want cashflow assurance so that they can focus on – Patient Care and Patient Experience. AuroraThrust comes with our full suite of products and services at a heavily discounted value, aligned to help our clients achieve their optimal revenue potential from within the organization and from the market opportunities around them.

Aruro Intel
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